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Hi guys,

I am hoping to start my RPN program in september 2018.

I received my results from my HOAE test and I was wondering if others wanted to compare so we can try to make sense of our numbers.

I applied with a 90% high school average and my HOAE marks as follows:

AA 52/75

Natural Sciences 38/60

Reading 24/35

Spelling 34/45

Vocational Adjustment 80/90

I'm not sure if I did well on my test or not. I have called Mohawk to help calculate it and they told me just to wait. So if anyone could help that would be great! :)

Hi Selinal,

I also applied for Mohawk and we have almost the same HOAE result. I haven't heard from them yet but I got an offer with Sheridan. I'm still waiting for Mohawk, and I will decide if which school to choose.

Goodluck to you

Hi Guys,

I just received my offer of Admission March 15, 18 for the RPN program. That is the first wave of offers for Mohawk College for September 2018. The offer is good until May 1 and after which they will be sending out second offers.

I received my offer to Mohawk as well. However it says its conditional provided all documents are submitted before the first day of school.. I am not sure what that means as I have all my pre reqs done and I have of course finished my HOAE test. The offer is on ontariocolleges so I will have to reach out to the college.

Did yours say conditional too? It was one small sentence at the bottom of the acceptance letter from Mohawk

Yes same here. I have all my requirements. I think it is standard wording on all the offers. Probably does not apply to those who meet all requirements.

Congratulations on your offer.

I received my offer as well on March 15. It's also a conditional offer. Congrats to all and good luck... :)

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