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Nurses Humor


One day, a nurse, a doctor, and an HMO executive administrator all died and found themselves standing in front of St. Peter at the Pearly gates. St. Petr asked the doctor, "What have you done that you think you deserve an eternity in heaven?" The doctor replied, "I took care of the sick people on earth. I saved lives and I cured many people." St. Peter found this acceptable and allowed the doctor to enter. He then asked the nurse the same question. The nurse responded, "Well, I was the doctor's eyes and ears. I took care of those sick people he was curing and saving. I reported condition changes and got new orders that avoided disasters and made the recovery process much quicker." St. Peter also found this reply acceptable and allowed the nurse to enter heaven. Turning to the HMO executive, St. Peter asked, "What have you done?" The man said, "Well I helped the doctor, the nurse, and the patients by providing the money to deliver and obtain medical care." "Okay,you can come in," said St. Peter. "But you can only stay 2 days."

A good nurse died and went to heaven. She was relieved to find out that she would be able to work in the heavenly hospital as she dearly loved nursing. Lunchtime arrived and she was standing in line and noticed this doctor cutting in front of everyone else. She asked St. Peter, "why is that doctor allowed to break in line, like that?" St. Peter replied, "Oh that's god, he just thinks he is a doctor!"

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