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I'm planning on moving to northern virginia (Alexandria or Fairfax) within the year and need some advice. By the time I move I will have worked as a nurse in oncology for a total of about eight months.

I'd really love to do hospice. Anyone know of any hospices that hire new grads/nurses with less than one year experience?

Also, are there any places that DO NOT hire nurses on the onc units if they're not chemo certified?

Any input would be greatly me PUHLEEZ!!! :D


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I have been an RN for five years. I have been in tele/high risk cardiology for the last three years and med-surg the previous two. We just moved to Prince William County four months ago. I wanted to get off the floor and do something different.

I have been with US Oncology for the last four months, and I am really enjoying it. I had no Oncology experience and they hired me at a very good hourly rate. I am off the floor (yeah!!), and I am making a better hourly wage than any hospital could offer in the area.

They have multiple out patient clinics in the area. Fairfax, Fair Oaks, and a Manassas office. They are US Oncology but the local name is Fairfax Hemotology Oncology. Look under US Oncology for their website and locations.

Good luck with your move.


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