HIV testing of newborns

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Having diffculty convincing our lab that cord blood is indeed "baby's" blood and an appropriate source to determine newborn HIV status if mom wasn't tested. Their arguement is that there isn't anything in the literature stating the reliability of cord blood with their HIV tests. I find this silly to say the least. I do know of one hospital that routinely uses cord blood to screen for HIV status if mom is unknown or an employee gets a needlestick injury. anyone out there practice the same, or know of new studies?? thanks (from the babies who didn't get "stuck")

I do not believe we use cord blood either for HIV--we had a recent case of a known HIV + mom and they did draw blood from baby before starting him on the multi dose meds. However, when I was stuck by a safety pin off a circ tray this summer I know that they didn't draw the baby but did the mom. I suppose they could have done testing off cord blood??? Good question! We already do RH, Type and Coombs from CB--why not other things??

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