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Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if any of you have ever been to a hiring fair before. I am going to be an ESN (employed student nurse) this summer in the Fraser Health Authority (BC, CANADA... lower mainland). Anyways, I was invited to a hiring fair.

I was wondering.. what kinds of things do I need.. cover letter/resume is obvious... even though they already know my clinical background.. dress in professional attire..

but what i really want to know is.. what can i expect??


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Hi Sarah,

I saw your message to me and I wanted to reply, but I don't have permission to use PM on this site yet. So I guess I'll just reply here.

The Fraser Health hiring fair that I attended was pretty standard. You don't need to bring your resume or cover letter or whatever (unless they changed the policy), just dress professionally and be ready to answer some very basic questions that might apply to your unit. If you've already been matched to an employer, which I assume you have since you got the invitation, you're 90% hired (unless you absolutely bombed your interview). If anything the hiring fair is just a formality for them to give you some documents and for you to get to know the manager.

Just go and have fun. If you have more questions just PM me your email, I'd be more than happy to share my experience.


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Hi, I have not been matched to an employer. I just got the email saying i am invited to the May 19th hiring fair in surrey. I guess they send out emails a week prior confirming time and location. So i am assuming i will get it then. I asked for 1) Surgical and 2) Emerg.. and im not picky about location or the drive.

I am very verrry excited though :) YAY! And im glad i dont have to worry about resume or cover letter.. nothing states that.

I am assuming it will be basic questions like role of the ESN.. some critical thinking questions that may come up on a surgical unit etc.