CANTS List and affect on License

  1. I was a victim of domestic violence and had my children removed from my care from Illinois dcfs and was indicated. This means they put you on the CANTS List (child abuse and neglect tracking system) for 5 years. I am an LPN in Illinois. I lost my job recently and am worried I will not be able to get another job as a nurse. My lawyer is unable to appeal the finding until my last court date in June. I have no criminal charges. I also renewed my license last night and while it said it renewed I am worried that it will not as no changes have been made yet to the expiration date. Has anyone had experience with this? Will I loose my license? Can I get work as a nurse without a waiver (I cant get a waiver because we are appealing the finding). I am so nervous because I have job interviews this week!
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  3. by   caronbell
    I think you need to be proactive and contact the state licensing board PRIOR to your interview for more information.
    Explain your situation and ask for guidance on what the implications are. The last thing you want is for your license to be pulled unknowingly, and it might be in your favor if you discuss with the board, rather than THEY finding out and act without discussing it with you.
    That being said, if you are trying to get a new job, having more information such as "I am involved with the court system due to a family matter due to no fault of my own (if this is indeed true) and since I was concerned that it could affect my license, I went ahead and contacted the state, and THIS is what they said." Now, if you find out that it is very likely that you might be in jeopardy of having a ding to your license or other action taken against you, this is something you need to consider before going forward.