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Hillsborough Community College Nursing Program


Does anyone know if you have to submit your transcripts with your application, even if you are already a student at HCC. I was told by an adviser that you do not have to, but I want to be sure.


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The nursing website says you do so I wouldn't risk it if I were you.

If you are already a student at HCC then you don't have to resubmit all your transcripts. They have it on file. It should show up on your hawknet. It takes awhile because admin is slow. If you've been at HCC for at least one semester they make you submit everything before you can enroll into the 2nd semester anyway.

Hello everyone! I'm a newbie here and I just have a quick question. Does HCC require an entrance exam in order for the applicant to get accepted into the Nursing program? Right now, I'm with PSC-Lakeland and just recently is now requiring all pre-nursing students to take TEAS-V. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll be at HCC this weekend to make some inquiries about their nursing program. If they don't take credits then I have no choice but take the TEAS-V here in PSC.

I don't think they can tell you which credits they officially take until you apply to the school. Just becareful because the counselors are kinda clueless and some don't give you the right information. If your school was a regional school then HCC will most likely take the credits. Just apply and see if you get in. The counseling office won't be open during the weekend at HCC.