Highs and Lows


I think being a first year nurse is all about highs and lows. I just finished my first month on orientation. I have learned more in this month than I did in two years of clinicals and classes, and I have also come to the realization that I have even more to master. I look at this week alone--got my first NG in, got over my fear of calling docs and cannot help but be proud of my growth, these "highs". But that doesn't mean that my nerves aren't going crazy right now worrying about what my shift tomorrow will bring. Will I be able to handle my load? Will I make a mistake? The stress is definitely a "low."

A good friend who has been a nurse just over a year reminded me that you are only a new nurse once. Thank goodness! Another nurse friend often encourages, "You will never be in a situation you cannot handle. You know when to call for help." These have been my mantras that have helped me on those nights where I cannot sleep and am up just wondering about nursing stuff.

I just want to say a little thank-you to everyone who posts because your stories are so helpful to know that we are not alone and it will get better!