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Hi, I am a current High School Senior! I am being very proactive about my desision of a college because I want to recieve a BSN in 4 years. I also am nervous about enrolling in a college that I would apply for my sophmore year of college. I am very intrested in Michigan State, but I again dont like the idea or anticipation of not knowing if I am in the school of nursing until my sophmore year! I would like to know where i stand as an applicant now to know my probabilityof getting in. If my current high school GPA weighted is a 3.69 and nonweighted it is a 3.43 on a 4 point scale, what is my possition as an applicant for admission in my sophmore yeat of college? If anyone afmitted to Michigan State's college of nursing could give me an idea of their high school standings it would be great!m