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High School girl needing advice!

by TheKenzie TheKenzie (New) New

Hello! I'm a junior and I have been considering going to a one-year technical school to become an LPN for quite some time now. Basically, I could use a good summary of what they tend to most OFTEN do! Also, personal stories would be appreciated, or any tips! I have researched and so far it seems okay for myself! Thank you very much.

You all are much appreciated and thank you! Props to the nursing students, current nurses, and retirees. Well done!

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Hello I think this would be a great I idea because it only last for about a year and then you're off to making decent money.and at your age that's a plus. I'm 22 will be 23 on Saturday and I wish I had a good start with school but I had a family at the age of 18 so I had to put school on hold.

And if you ever decide to advance your education you will already be a licensed nurse so you will be gaining valuable work experience.

I think that would be a great decision! You could have your LPN at 18, work..earning money, and then go to an LPN to RN or LPN to BSN program, without having to take any loans! Go for it!!! I wish I had started my education young.

My advice: Do not wait! I waited sooo long to go back to school and had to start from the bottom because I dropped out in 9th grade! Ended up getting a High Honors GED on my 32nd birthday and now I'm 34 with a degree and awaiting a nursing program. Don't wait..if you have the opportunity, take it! Life is just too short :)

Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors!

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I went back to school at 49 for my nursing degree. The only reason I have loans to pay back is that I already had a degree and was not eligible for grants. Check into grants you could get. Much better to get more schooling while you are living at home than go back when you're older. I don't know your situation, but wanted to suggest that you explore all your options. Good luck to you!