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Hi. My name's Tracy and I'm new to this forum. I've been a psych nurse for about six years and I love it. I've worked mainly in private facilities, but I did do a stretch at a methadone clinic in Virginia that was so awesome! I'm now in Florida and working in the very hospital that's been in the news of late (where a nurse and three patients were killed). Thankfully, they have made major improvements in staffing and safety. Kinda funny working in this infamous hospital....I also worked in the hospital where John Bobbitt's member was reattached! I never knew I'd have such a distinguishing career! Anyway, good to be here.

hi Tracy saw u had no replys so I thought I would respond

Currently in L.A. on holiday from Australia. I enjoy psych nursing as well. I currently work in an acute unit, but when I return considering going agency as in a year or two would like to travel some more. I believe there is heaps of work over here is that correct ? :)

Hi Tracy,

I am new to this site. Been in psych 10 years and love it. At my hospital, we had Jesus Christ a few times. Napolean. I did meet the Shah of Iran once. No one killed here yet. memberes are pretty much staying attached here too. I will have to keep you updated on that one though.

Aerolizing-a stolen word from one of my patients. It means laying very close to the bed, separated from the bed linens by a very thin layer of air. Not really considered napping as one is not really on the bed but floating on air.


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