HHC Agency Work in San Diego for a NOT SO NEW GRAD


Hello All,

I'm her again with questions: I possess over a year (1 year and 2 months, to be exact) and have worked as any RN under the sun (from Dialysis to Long-term care); anything I say. I am with two per diem agencies (kinda hard to keep the kids fed on this one) and work comes in and out; not cool. I would like to know of ANY HHC agencies in San Diego that "train" nurses, such as I, to the ways of HHC. You can give the nearest address, as you can not post the names of companies here. Thanks ALOT for any response...


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There's one off miramar road. I worked for them and they require 6 months of nursing experience. They will train you for a few days. Nice bunch of people. They pay per visit.


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Thank you for the response! I got it. You Rock!!!:up: