HFCC Nursing, question about pre-reqs...

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Hello all! I am in the pre-nursing program at HFCC, all the pre-reqs I need to wrap up before being put on the waiting list are Chem 131 and the NET exam, which I'm planning on doing in the winter semester..

Here's my question, I was told by an advisor in the health careers dept. that I need to take Math 80 as a pre-req to Chem 131. Now I've already taken Math 74, which I thought was the only math requirement, I'm pretty familiar with all the pre and co-reqs for the program. I searched Webadvisor for Math 80 and couldn't find it.. Could this advisor be mistaken? And if she is right, if I do need Math 80, then what's the point of taking Math 74?

All I know is I do not want to have to take another math next semester, then wait and take chem the following semester! Any help on this would be great! Thanks in advance.. :D

I don't know about the lower level math but if you can't take MAT80 take MAT110 or higher. If you plan on going to unversity you will need to go up to precalc in most detroit area universities

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