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well i'm in my last semester of my bsn program. i have made a's and b's all the way through. now i have taken this hesi test and failed. now i have to take one class next semester instead of graduating in may. so my question is there any schools out there that don't use an exit hesi. i'm just planning for worst case scenario. i have worked way to hard and long to give up on nursing. if i fail next semester them i'm out of the program. i don't want 4 years and 60 grand to go to waste. any suggestions i can't be the only one out there. just to add a little more why are they making this test so important, none of my teachers took the test and they are great nurses. oh well just food for thought.


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I am a pre-NS but I think the reason that test is so important is becasue they equate it to if you will or will not pass the NCLEX and the schools want EVERYONE out if they cant pass regardgless of if is the first day of the forst semester or the last day of the last semester. If they put 1 student though and they fail the NCLEX on any attempt it lowers their NCLEX which is an average that is of public record by the SOS that anyone can look and and pre-NS student do look at when deciding on a school.

I only want to invent my $, time and hard word that hs a pass rate of at least 92%, I would rather it be 100% and ther eare schools with that rate out there but to get to those very high pass rate percentages they have to cut a lot of people along the way (which I am sure you have been witness to) as this % affects the schools overall revenue for the nursing program. You have to remember that schools are businesses too and that is why I think they have that test and are willing to cut great student at the very end who they believe are in joepary of lowering their NECLX pass %.

I could be wrong as I am not even a NS yet but I am switching from completing my business degree and thinking like a business student that would be my answer.

Good luck you can do it, I am sure you will pass and be just fine, just hang in there!

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I am up to my eyeballs in HESI B.S. right now!! I'm in a 2 year program and they are trying to introduce HESI to us in our FINAL SEMESTER!! Nothing but drama and frustration. I have researched and found multiple articles in the Journal of Nursing Education if you feel like fighting this instead of wasting more money and additional months of your life, which you can NEVER get back! The HESI is great at predicting who will pass the NCLEX, but doesn't predict who is going to fail it with NEARLY the same accuracy. These research articles speak strongly to this point. PM me your e-mail if you'd like them.

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I just completed a 4 year BSN program at a private school and I completely understand your frustration. I had to take the HESI four times to pass it. I would advise you to continue taking and not giving up. I studied from Saunders and Hurst and did at least 100 questions a day. I slowly moved my questions up to 100 a day and made a consistent study schedule to review content. I tracked my scores to also see where is was being consistent and where I may have needed more work. The HESI is unfair in that nurses did not need this in the past and they are great nurses but now they are putting us thorough the ringer.

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