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Hesi spaced out studying

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Hello everyone!

I have a very big question about effectively breaking down study time for the hesi a2 entrance exam. I take thes test in about 1month & 1/2! I'm not sure if I should study two or more subjects a day or one subject per week!!!!! The science section is what I want to focus on more, but I don't want to confuse myself studying 3different science subjects all together (should I study a different sci subject every week or every other day???) Any tips & ideas will be very much so appreciated.

Hello! I take my test Wednesday so I'm not sure if my studying methods work yet... But! I got the Elsevier study guide and first did all the review questions at the end of each chapter (ten each chapter). This helped me feel out which subjects I would probably do okay on (8 or more correct I classified as ok). I read the chapters in order if strongest to weakest so my strongest subjects (math, vocab and reading comprehension) I reviewed for about a week total. Grammar I took about a week on alone (why do all the grammar terms sound so similar? Have I ever used "whom" in a sentence?). Ugh, anyways... I studied biology first because when you study chem it kinda blends in topics from bio then I went to a & p. I took about a week on each. Since I've finished studying and taking notes on all the subjects my school requires, I've been taking tests on the pocket prep app (10 bucks so worth it) and reading through my notes. I've heard that it is not that big of a deal- one of my friends just studied the night before! Everyone takes tests differently and my way is to make myself sick from stressing a lot, study too much, take the test then immediately get a celebratory margarita! Good luck and happy studying!

Thank you this really helped! I was driving myself crazy trying to come up with a study plan!! It does make since to finish one subject before entering another!!!! Ill experiment with your idea & for sure will keep u updated!!


Hey there!

Just took my Hesi this morning and as promised I'm sitting on my deck having a cocktail rejoicing that it's over! It is pretty basic but it is so stressful because the amount of material that is given to study! I got a 92 over all- all sciences were in the mid 80s. For grammar, reading comp, math and vocab if you have Elsevier you'll do fine. Bio, chem and anatomy I would study those in Elsevier but definitely do further reading outside the book. I got the McGraw hill book for those subjects only and I think it was my saving grace. But I also haven't been in school in about 6 years so I really had to refresh! Get the pocket prep and do their practice tests when you've got a free minute I was getting 70s- 80s on those and I think it bumped up my confidence for test day. I think I over studied because obviously not everything will be tested on but better safe than sorry. I did reading comprehension first too because I'm sure as you have read it is pretty draining. Hope this helps a little more!

Robotbarb123 thank you for your tips. I have to take the science portions as well. The McGraw hill book that you recommended, is that the kaplan nursing entrance exam book? Please excuse my ignorance if it is not. Also, did the questions involve math for the chemistry portion like moles?

Omg thus helped so much!!! Any specific areas in the science departments that I should focus on a little more???

CONGRATSSSSSS!!!!!! You deserve that cocktail. I started breaking down the anatomy sections into chapters from easy to hard. Any tips on certain sections I should focus on for anatomy biology and chemistry?

Thanks! It feels nice to breathe now haha. For the sciences I will admit it is kind of a blur but there were probably 5 questions in each that I had no clue but was able to pick the answers that were definitely not right. I would not worry about moles too much just get the main idea of what they are. I still can't calculate molarity but I don't remember thinking "man I should have perfected that". I think if you do pocket prep tests you probably don't need the mcgraw hill book but if you're a nervous wreck like me it was this one:

McGraw-Hill's Nursing School Entrance Exams, Second Edition: Strategies + 8 Practice Tests: 9780071810494: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

Again I only did this to sift through science and it did go into way too much detail. Good luck to you both!!


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