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HESI Science sections


I am nervous about the science portions of the HESI. For those who have taken the exam, What study guide do you feel is best to study for those sections? Or if any one knows what worked for others. Anything will help.

Hi I applied to the nursing program at San jac central. Did you already get in or apply?

I saw there was a deadline for November 18, I'm hoping I get in. I'm so nervous. I feel like I won't be accepted. I have this habit to be thinking negative :/


Has 1 years experience.

Welp no one is chiming in so why not, I thought both of the nursing schools I was interested in were using the TEAS V exam which helped me decide on the, TEAS V Secrets Study Guide.... Yeah I was wrong. One is the TEAS V but the other is the Hesi, which the later is the program I was more interested in. However, after doing more research many have said the TEAS is harder. But it likely depends on what all your program is testing over. Like the one I am interested in is for the Hesi and covers only, reading, math, and general knowledge. Sheeew! I am glad for that since its been a while since my pre-req's.

So what about you? Have you picked out what you are going to use to study? My guide is for the TEAS V but is extremely easy to read through, certainly a good refresher.

This may sound crazy but I basically googled flash cards for the Teas, HESI a2 and nursing entrance exams. I printed all the cards I could find and studied. I did very well on the exam! The teas is a bit more difficult- I feel like the over studying helped a lot more than it hurt! I hope this helps! Good luck!