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Just took my Hesi A2 Exam. I'm a returning student from a different industry and currently enrolled in a community college pre-nursing. The wait list is long so I found a merit based program an hour away that I thought I'd try for. They require a minimum of 75% or higher cumulative score for the program, however; it is competitive. They stated they plan to take 40-50 of the highest ranked scores out of 120 that sat for the test. Oddly enough the tie breakers are given by the date of pre-nursing acceptance. I would have thought it would be GPA or number of credit completed.

Anywho, I wanted to share my scores but first for some context.... I only studied for a week, obviously I'd recommend longer but it's what I had. I took my General Anatomy and Chemistry 10 years ago but am currently enrolled in Advanced A&P and Microbiology which I have a high A in. My school required Reading Comprehension, A&P, Chemistry, and Math. I used the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4th Addition. I wish I had learned about the pocket prep app sooner, some other testers said it was super beneficial so check that out.

I don't usually have test anxiety but I did for this, as I knew it would be my sole determinant for starting fall 2018. My hand was literally shaking when answering the first 10 questions. I took the sections in the following order, Math - A&P - Chem - Reading. We were not allowed to take breaks. You were escorted to the bathroom if you had to go.

Math - 94%

I've never considered myself necessarily strong in Math but this was primarily basic stuff in my opinion and the easiest section. Just make sure to review the fractions and conversion problems in the review book. There were a few algebra questions which were likely what I had gotten wrong that or perhaps one of the conversions.

A&P- 80%

I couldn't even recall really what the questions were. I had one on the heart for sure and a couple muscle/bone questions. They've done a good job of really assessing your overall knowledge base as they have such a large area to pull from to question on. This area is one where doing more than just the review book, especially if you been out of school for awhile is very necessary.

Chemistry - 80%

Same thing as A&P, a lot of unexpected questions that I hadn't necessarily reviewed so just had to pull out of my overall understanding of Chemistry.

Reading Comprehension - 84%

I was bummed at my lower score. I consider myself a good reader and someone who likes to learn by reading through the text. However, I prepared the least for it as I only read through the review book content once or twice. And this was my last section. I definitely did not have my typical level of concentration AND someone was having a coughing fit..

Cumulative Score - 84.5%

I highly doubt I made the cut with so many people sitting for it, but I'm holding out hope. I find out the first week in May. I'll plan to update you on my fate either way. I was so nervous for it, I want to help alleviate others if at all possible.

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