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So, I took my Hesi Final exam today. I thought it was pretty difficult. It was 160 questions, which i assume that the majority or all of them are, with the 10 pilot questions. I looked at my answers after the test, even though we were told not to, and i know that i got 39 questions wrong for sure. So take away a few pilot questions "hopefully" and I have anywhere from a probable 34-39 questions wrong on a 150 question test. So I pretty much got anywhere from 74-80% of the questions correct.

However, I do understand that all the questions are weighted differently and so on. However, I got a 762 on my mid-cirricular Hesi, which i know is a terrible score, but i missed 42 questions on a 110 question test. So I basically scored anywhere from 60-68% on that test. Which is significantly lower than what I did on my final HESI. So, I figure I have to be fairly close to scoring a 900 which is what i need to make on my final hesi.

Does anyone know or recall how many questions that they actually missed on their hesi exam? I would like to know, it might help me figure about what grade I got. However, I hear a lot of talk that 2 people can miss the same amount of questions and make very different scores. Any experience with this?


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