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HESI a2 (question about the exam itself/study guide)

tincan_08 tincan_08 (New) New

As you all know some schools require that you take the HESI a2 before entering the nursing program. My first question regards the study guide. I bought the Admission Assesment Review 2nd edition for HESi and was wondering if it'll be any help. Second can anybody who has taken the HESI a2 give me any tips as to what to expect in the Anatomy & Physiology part. (what to study, any specific bodily system, etc etc)

Thank you so much for your time guys and girls.

Tinh Lai.

I recently took the hesi a2 but I only had to take the math, reading, and vocab sections. The math section of the study guide is exactly like the test. The vocab was a bit harder, quite a few words that weren't in the study guide. I would study a little basic medical terminology. The reading is very simple, very short paragraphs and it stays on the screen while you answer questions so you can go back and read it again if you need to. As far as the other sections, I'm sorry I can't be more help. You may want to just search other threads about the hesi a2 because there have been alot of discussions on this. Hope that helps :)

Thank you for your reply, as well as the tips ^_^ like your name it's sweet! Wish you the best of luck in everything.:p

I too am taking the HESI A2 here pretty soon and have been studying my butt off, but I'm sure it wont be any harder than taking Micro and Anatomy at the same time.