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I'm taking the HESI March 21st. I have both of the books listed above but I am noticing a difference. Especially on the math portions. Which of these books were as close to your test? The Elsevier seems a little more wordy than the Evolve. Evolve is more direct in the questions.

Another big different I'm seeing is on the Elsevier... the math, for example, is asking for fill in the blank answers. The biology has questions that end with, "select all that apply."

It is of my understand that there are only multiple choice questions with one MOST correct answer.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I thought the book were made by the same people? Is it not? I have both too, and what I've done to prepare myself is I made four or six copies of the math and reading exams, and practice all week then take those with time limits to see if my score improves. I take my test April 14 th, my school is part time and only does math and reading sections. Good luck


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I have the Hesi admissions book by Elsevier. It was exact in math. I only missed one question on the math section of the test. I just kept doing the problems over and over again. The test has multiple choice and a few fill in the blank math questions.


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the math is really basic and you have a calculator..mostly basic fraction and ration and percentages...nothing too hard..its all basic

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