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Hello everyone! I could really use some help. I have the psych HESI this week, and I could use ANY advice, suggestions, anything at all.

I am a very good student. GPA was 3.8 at the beginning of the semester, but this class has knocked me on my butt. And now I am in a position I have NEVER been in before, and I am very uncomfortable.

Freaking out here.

Please help! TIA!

There are a lot of different aspects of mental health nursing. Ex: Drugs, prioritization, illness specific, restraints, legal & ethical issues, therapeutic communication etc. I'm not sure which area seems to be problem areas for you, could you tell me which specific areas?

For me the problem was therapeutic communication. I had never had to answer that many questions on it before and it wasn't mirroring what I saw the nurses doing in real life. My one professor simplified the rules to an extent no I's, no why's, and empathize. While some I statements can be relevant most of the time you are redirecting the attention to yourself instead of the patient and it isn't about you. By asking why you can put the patient on the defensive, forcing them to have good reason to do what they did. Empathy isn't about feeling what they feel, but validating and expressing understanding their feelings through changing your viewpoint.

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