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Hi all! I have to take the Fundamentals HESI next week. I am using the Elsevier case studies along with the exam (87 questions) and the quiz (25 questions) that are part of my course. I bought the HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination 4th edition but I noticed the bank questions that come with it for the fundamentals section are a lot easier and less in depth than the ones that come with the case studies and exam resources. If you took the HESI for Fundamentals, can you tell me how do they look like..more like the HESI comprehensive book or like the resources that come with the case studies? If you have an example that you can remember it will be very much appreciate it! Thanks!!!

Kuriin, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency.

It's a mixture of both. There's a website called "Yourbestgrade" and the questions are similar to that. Know your infection control, how to change dressings, etc.

Thank you so much Kuriin! You have confirmed what I suspected yesterday. I am going to enroll.

Hi army mommy of three! I was curious to see if you have any insight on the fundamentals HESI if you've taken it already. I have the exact same question about the HESI book and the evolve case studies and I'm a little confused on how the questions are really going to be like. I wanted to do the website that Kuriin mentioned, but I'm a little tight on money and my exam is in a few days. I'm super nervous, I really want to do good on this exam! Any help is greatly appreciated (:

Kuriin, BSN, RN

Specializes in Emergency.

If you're stressed for cash, then you should just use the HESI comprehensive book as well as constantly do the Evolve questions. You'll get a piece of scratch paper and pencil and you will want to write Maslow's Hierarchy as well as Nursing Process. The HESI is *literally* the nursing process in every single question. If you can determine where in the process it is, you can determine what the right answer is.


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