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Hi guys! I am new to this site. I have been reading many posts about the hesi. Since I have a few questions myself, I decided to make an account.

I need some advice from a recent hesi test taker.

I take my hesi entrance exam this week at Henry Ford College. I have been studying for the exam for about a month. I have to take reading comprehension, math, vocabulary, and grammar sections. In order to pass, I need an 80% in each section!!

Math: i pretty much got the math down in the hesi admissions test elsiever book. I also reviews the McGraw hill book as well. Hopefully that's enough for math. I know ratios, proportions, conversions, fractions, decimals, and percents. Im not perfect at word problems, any suggestions??

Reading: okay! I been practicing for this section a lot. However, the reading passages are about 4 to 5 paragraphs long. Is that how long the reading passages are for the actual exam? My weak point is figuring out what a word means sometimes. Any suggestions on this section?

Vocab: so I pretty much got every word in the book down. I even wrote down words from quizlet and the McGraw hill book. However, I was talking to someone today and she told me that NONE of the words were on the exam. Is this true? Everyone says something different and I am really worried now :(

Grammar: i studied everything from the book. I know direct/indirect objects, pronouns, which vs that, affect vs effect, further vs father, their, they're, and so on. I am a native speaker but I am still worried.

This exam is really scaring me. Any advice would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance. I really hope I can get some insight before I take my exam 😊

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First off, breathe. The test is not as hard as you think it is and you'll do fine. :)

Math: exactly what is in the book. Pay attention to conversions, ratios/proportions and fractions stuff.

Reading: both times I have taken it I haven't had more than three/four three sentence paragraphs at the most.

Vocab: comes directly from the book, whoever told you that wasn't truthful. At least 70% of the questions will come from there, the rest are common medical knowledge or things you hear on tv medical shows. Ex. Mastication- chewing

Grammar: grammar was kind of tricky for me, and English is one of my best subjects. Don't over analyze the question or look for complicated mistakes, I missed a few that were just simple spelling errors.

Good luck, if you've reviewed those subjects you should do great!

Thank you so much! You seriously took some stress off of me. I take it this Thursday. Your post really helped! Wish me luck 😊

Do you have any suggestions on what conversion units to focus on?

Hi Lady,

Did you end up taking your test if so how did it go ?.