I was wondering I am thinking about taking this test in summer '15. How long does your score stay active? do you have to take it over after 1 or 2 years?


you look like in the same situation as me. I think scores stay active for year I'm not sure.

what are you using to study for HESI? I'm having hard time studying for it took it once in Aug. 14 failed it badly. Taking my pre requisites right now (Bio A&P 1 is so hard).


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Thank you sorry for the late response. For some reason its not emailing when I have replies. But I am using the HESI admission assessment exam review book ( 30 bucks on amazon).

I took bio which was easy for me *cough* then lol ( ask me if I remember anything thats a different story lol). I am now finishing up A& P I which is hard because I am doing good on the anatomy part but the Psh. part is a lot. But don't give up, keep your head up and study. My favorite way of studying for A&P is right before bed it helps me retain more I believe. Also don't study all day I think overstudying is a setup for failure. So try to balance out your day with work/ study and personal free time. For the HESI exam, I have started studying since I am going to take it in summer. But I plan to study maybe 1 or 2 hours a week til next semester is over and then do a daily 1 to 2 hour ( maybe more) study plan then.

I hope this helps!