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Hesi entrance


Hello everyone! So I just finished taking the hesi and my over all score was 87 , I was tested on A&P, Reading, vocabulary, , math, critical thinking , here some tips that I can pass on:

1.Do Not STRESS!, the day of the test just relax , eat a good breakfast, think positive!

2. Practice practice practice! On the math portion the best study guide was the hesi admissions study guide 3rd or 4th version is fine! I had alot

of ratio & porpotions questions , and fractions (addition,subtraction, dividing,multiplying), very few conversions and Roman numerals, also be comfortable with word problems, know what it's asking you!

3. Reading, I scored pretty high on this section, I was nervous about this section but I actually did pretty good than what I expected! The best advice I can give you is read and make sure you understand what is the question asking you, I suggest you do reading first because the passages are not that entertaining

4. A&P. Since I previously took A&P a while back but I had to brush up on it! I had a old A&P book and study from that! The questions from this section were pretty easy and straight forward , I score pretty well on this section, i would say, study a little extra besides using the hesi study guide!

5.vocabulary. I used the hesi study guide and Quizlet for this section, if you're a good reader , I'm sure you'll do well on this section!

6. Critical thinking. I score 860/1000

i was surprise because I didn't really study for this section, this section gives you scenarios , just go with your gut and you'll do fine

over all! Prepare yourself, and if you do , you guaranteed to pass!