Took Hesi A2 today

  1. I am beyond elated right now this morning I went in to take my hesi exam and I feel like I did amazing. My school only requires reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, A&P, and math sections and a 75% or better. So here is my scores:

    Cumulative score-88%

    Reading comprehension-88%
    Anatomy and physiology-88%

    I studied since August reviewing the hesi review book and answering questions on the pocketprep app. Here are my recommendations for each section I took

    Reading comprehension- read the passages carefully and reread if need be. I felt some of the questions were unclear when it came to the content of the passages. Just answer tons of practice questions.

    Grammar- there were lots of questions about tell which sentence was grammatically correct or incorrect. Make sure you read over the grammar rules in the hesi book.

    Vocabulary- this section was fairly easy. I suggest reading through the hesi book grammar section and searching for hesi a2 vocab quizlets.

    Anatomy and physiology- the questions were extremely broad. There was a question from every body system. Make sure you know the different types of joints. I had question on parts of the kidneys, sympathetic nervous system, anatomical terms, and more. Pick up a copy of cliffnotes anatomy and physiology. I used that and my a&p textbook plus the hesi book.

    Math- I was nervous about this one but did great. My advice is to answer every question in the pocketprep app and the hesi book. My school allows a calculator so it helped. Be sure to know military time, ratios, and metric conversions plus there was tons and tons of fractions

    I did take the critical thinking my advice would be to think hard about each scenario. Example patient 82 year old complaint arm pain. What would you do first?

    All in all my biggest recommendation is to study for months before don't wait till two weeks before or God forbid you go in blind. Study study study practice practice.
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