Study for the HESI A2 entrance exam...

  1. ...for the A&P and biology section, should i really go in-depth with studying for each system/section or just basic info???
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  3. by   coolpeach
    I just started studying for the A&P section and I am also wondering how in depth I should go. For example it says review the cell. Well how in depth should I go with it. It states the four basic types of tissues, but should I go deeper than that into the subcategories.

    In addition I was wondering if it was all test questions or if they also give you pictures to identify.
  4. by   shopaholic42488
    well i hope someone can help us lol. im just reviewing basic stuff cause thats all it says. any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  5. by   Cls62011
    I just took my HESI A2 entrance exam yesterday. I had bought the ectual study guide and another book on Anatomy and Physiology and study a lot in that area and it didn't do me any good. Nothing in their study guide was on the A and P test. I ended up getting 64/100. I would deffinetly study more than just the basic stuff. Study as much of Anatomy and physiology as you can. I also found the vocab section to be hard. There weren't many of those words in the study guide either. Well, I hope this helps.
  6. by   shopaholic42488
    o man now i am really nervous! i dont know if i can study so many things at once... and its on tuesday!!!
  7. by   Cls62011
    Just do your best, that's all you can do. Best of luck!!
  8. by   shopaholic42488
    was there a focus on a certain system in the A&P part?? and the biology. or was it like random??
  9. by   Cls62011's hard for me to remember because I took so many tests. I wouldn't say that either of them focus on a certain thing. There were some questions about the glands and what they secrete. Also a valve in the heart and where it was located--for this one, the picture I studied from did not have the valve they were asking about so it must not have been a major one. I'm not sure if you have the Hesi study guide but if you do, it says to study the "major" muscles, etc. I would look over all of them, not just the major ones. I thought that the biology section was much easier than the a&p. I hope I'm not scaring you for the test, I just know before I took my test, it was nice to hear what other people thought so I could prepare myself better. Just, if you think that a&p is one of your weaker points deffinetly study more for that section than all the others. It seemed like all the other sections except for vocab went pretty well. Math is just the basics. Know measurement conversions. I hope this helps!!!
  10. by   ArtofGrace
    Hi, I too am taking the Hesi Entrance Exam. Bought the Hesi study guide but heard a lot of bad reviews about it- basically, it didn't cover a lot of the information that is needed to take the test.
    If ANYONE has a Hesi practice test or study guide or any recommendations for better preparing for this test...I would be so appreciative!
    Thank you and best of luck to all of you future nurses!! : )
  11. by   AshleyDiane6
    You def need to study A&P in depth. Here is a website that helped me
  12. by   ArtofGrace
    Thanks so much!! I am trying to review everything I can from A&P. I took it last year but in an accelerated class (not the smartest idea!!) and I am having a hard time remembering everything.
    Well, I take the test Wednesday! Lord willing, I will pass!
    (If you can..pray for me!!)

    Thanks again!!! : )
  13. by   nique281
    Artofgrace.... you are in my prayers!! I'm sure you did fine! I take my exam this upcoming Wed, so I know how you feel! Let us know how you did
  14. by   lizv
    I take it Friday! :O I'm not prepared at all. But nigue281, you should let me know your thoughts on the test. I'm terrified that I'm not prepared!!