Scores for Kaplan entrance exam

  1. The school I am trying to get into just recently switched from the Hesi to the Kaplan. I took the Kaplan yesterday and I think I did well, but I have no other scores to compare myself to. Does anyone know what are considered good scores for the Kaplan?
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  3. by   dsb_fam
    I received a 79. I think that is average. That being said, average probably won't get me into nursing school.
    I applied to Gwinnett Tech for 2013 Nursing Program, and I'm waiting to get a manndatory meeting invitation letter. Anybody?
    That's not a bad grade. which school did you applied to?
  6. by   dsb_fam
    Northern Arizona University ABSN. Super competitive.
  7. by   enraymond
    I'm applying to carrington. I scored an 81 in writing, a 96 in math, and a 95 in reading. I got called in for an interview, so hopefully that means one step closer. They take the top 36. I've signed up to retake the exam but I am trying to decide if it is necessary. What does everyone think?? I'm so nervous!
  8. by   dsb_fam
    enraymond, Good luck! I am retaking the Kaplan in two weeks. My Plan B school will allow me to retake the Kaplan. They count Reading, Writing, Math and Science. Any tips on how to score higher on the Writing portion(I received a 76)? Science(I received a 75)? I did well in the Reading and Math. Thanks
  9. by   enraymond
    I just used the Kaplan study guide I bough off of amazon. It did not help with the writing portion at all. I'm thinking of maybe buying an SAT or ACT prep book because I remember those tests having a more similar format to the writing on the Kaplan.
  10. by   Maegen89
    They take the highest of the two scores so I don't think it would hurt to re-take it!
  11. by   enraymond
    Quote from Maegen89
    They take the highest of the two scores so I don't think it would hurt to re-take it!
    I don't want to waste the extra attempt though. You can only take it twice a year. If I take it again and do worse, then I wasted an attempt for that I could use for entrance in a different semester. Plus it's expensive! I just hope my scores are good enough. Carrington called me in to fill out an application and meet with a financial aid advisor with my last test scores. So I'm hoping that means I did well enough.
  12. by   Maegen89
    Your test scores are valid for the rest of the year. You are put into the applicant pool for the other 2 semesters as well as this upcoming one . I guess you could look at it both ways though! You've had the best scores I've heard so far so I have a feeling you won't be having any trouble getting in! good luck!
  13. by   enraymond
    That is very true!! You're right that it couldn't hurt. I hope that we will both be starting in May, it's the waiting that is killing me. I wish it would come faster!
  14. by   Maegen89
    I sure hope so too! Ahg yes this waiting game is killing me! Not to mention the last test date isn't until March 23, that seems so far away! They tell you what percentile you're in when they give you your results. Do you remember what yours were!?