Scores for Kaplan entrance exam - page 2

The school I am trying to get into just recently switched from the Hesi to the Kaplan. I took the Kaplan yesterday and I think I did well, but I have no other scores to compare myself to. Does anyone... Read More

  1. by   enraymond
    I don't remember what my percentile, I was looking more at the scores for each subject. I wish I had seen that! Now I'm wondering what my percentile would be. What was yours?
  2. by   Maegen89
    I only remember my reading, with a 95 I was within the 95 percentile but I also took the second test of the year so I have no idea now! I just wish we knew what was considered a "safe" score!
  3. by   meowkippen
    Ahhhh I am glad you two are also applying to Carrington ! I took my test on March 2. I am just hoping my score is good enough! I wish I knew the average score for the Kaplan. I guess we will see this week if I get a call. Good luck to both of you! Hopefully we will all be classmates
  4. by   Maegen89
    I can't find what a "good score" would be anywhere! I guess we will all have to just play the waiting game
  5. by   enraymond
    I'm hoping that anything in the 80s and 90s will be enough! From what I have seen those are pretty rare, most people score in the 60s and 70s. I'm thinking and hoping that we should be ok with our scores!
  6. by   Maegen89
    I sure hope you're right! Hopefully it's not too long after the last test that letters are sent out!
  7. by   enraymond
    At my interview I was told that letters go out on March 26, 21 more days!
  8. by   meowkippen
    letters were sent out! did you two get accepted?? hope so!!!
  9. by   Maegen89
    I haven't gotten a letter yet but I'm assuming if I did I would've received a letter today too! But ill keep my faith alive until I see it in writing haha what were your scores?
  10. by   meowkippen
    My scores were 95 93 89!
  11. by   meowkippen
    whoops i mean 81 not 89!