OB and Critical Care HESI Help!

  1. I have to take my OB HESI and Critical Care HESI in 2 days. Any words of advice? I'm more interested in CC so I'm pretty scared to take this OB HESI. Did anyone find either of these particularly difficult? I made a 99.99 on medsurg, but I'm not so great with OB. How hard do I need to study for this one? Is it going to ask super detailed questions, or would I be okay with just reading the HESI hints out of the HESI study guide. Any help would be fantastic.
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  3. by   Onnizha
    Hi! I am just curious what you did to study for the med surg and OB hesi. I really need a good grade on both the exams. Any advice would help! Thank you
  4. by   sleepynurseZZZ
    I used the HESI comprehensive review for the nclex book published by Evolve. The newest one is red and you can order it on Amazon. If you buy it new there's an access code for practice exams. I got a 99.99 for medsurg and just took the OB HESI today and got a 91 using that book. There were quite a few questions about the OB meds so pay attention to those!