NJCU Hesi A2 experience 12/18/2015

  1. I applied for NJCU ABSN 2016 and took the Hesi exam on 12/18/2015. As you may know, NJCU does not test on Physics or Chemistry. I used the Elsevier Admission Assessment Exam Review, 3rd Edition. This exam is not bad at all and I would discourage anyone from unnecessary panic. In all honesty, you have to gauge your strengths and put more effort in the areas you feel need work. I know mine. I studied for this exam the night before the exam date. I'm good in Math & English and I knew that regardless I would have to polish my A&P and bio sections. I studied vocabulary, A&P and Bio. I predominantly focused on the review questions of these sections and went through the answers. I did so because when I read reviews on here, previous test takers stated that there were questions that were lifted right from the book. When taking the exam, pace yourself. This is very important. Do not spend too much time on any one question but answer each question to your best ability as you are not able to go back once you submit the answer. Start with sections that you are strong at and complete with those that are not your strongest suits. I did bio & a&p first and did reading comprehension last as I knew this would take the most time. For reading comprehension, skim through the questions first then read the passage & spot the answers quickly that way. Either way, find what works best for you that will allow you to answer ALL questions and complete in a timely manner. I completed in about 3hrs, I believe you have about 4hrs for the entire exam, but please double check that. I don't remember the total time allowed as I was using the screen timer alotted for each question. I got 84% in reading comprehension, 90% in grammer, 90% in vocabulary & general knowledge, 88% in Biology, 84% in Anatomy & Physiology, & 90% in Math. Considering that I studied the night before the exam, if you study ahead, you could Ace this exam with 99-100% composite score.
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  3. by   earghe
    I'm registering for the HESI for NJCU right now and I'm a little confused I just want to make sure I don't take the wrong test. I got the email with my registration code but it says it's the "A2 V-1 exam at Prometric." Is this what yours said should I follow through with payment? In one place it says HESI and then in the email calls it something else and it's a pretty expensive test
  4. by   dianearc
    Hello, Yes, mine also said the "A2 V-1 exam at prometric" this is the right exam (HESI A2) that NJCU requires. I wish you the best :-)
  5. by   Rose001
    Hello @Dianearc and everyone

    Do we also get a critical thinking section on the exam? And, if we do is it included in the allotted time?

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