HESI test Vs. NLN pre admissions exam

  1. Is there a difference between the two tests? I have to take the Hesi and the NLN for 2 different colleges. I took the NLN last year, and didn't do too well. I didn't want to have to buy a study guide for the Hesi if it was going to be similar to the NLN.
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  3. by   Shandra2008
    Hey Kelly! What school are you taking the Hesi for? I took the NLN yesterday and I am so nervous to get my scores!
  4. by   klleo27
    Hey Shandra2008,
    I am taking my Hesi test for Deyserburg Community College. I am taking it on the 7th of August. I am also taking the NLN for Southwest TN Community College. I took it last year and scored a 97!! I needed a 100 to get into the program. I was so mad! I have been really studying alot. What kind of questions did you get more of in the science section, chemistry, physics, A&P or Biology? Last year I got more Chemistry and Physics, and I studied for the A&P and the Biology!! Hopefully the Hesi test won't be as bad as the NLN....
  5. by   Shandra2008
    Well I got more of the Chem and physics! I thought that test was really hard! The SCIENCE anyway! I am going to apply for the Dyersburg in the fall, if I don't get in a program by January! Are you attending Dyersburg now? What's up with that math class that you can only take @ their school? If it wasnt for that class I would have been able to apply for the spring semester! When are you taking the nln again! There are a couple schools in Arkansas that you should look @! Phillips community college in helena west helena, like an hour away! No entrance exam! But they only except into the nursing program once a year in the fall! I'm applying there also for the fall!
  6. by   Eve92
    Whats the difference between the HESI and NLN? is one easier then the other? Is the same matierial expected on both tests?