HESI-Nursing entrance exam

  1. I need to take my nursing entrance exam-HESI before March 1st so I can apply to the nursing program for this up coming year. I have been looking online for a study guide or book and was wondering if anyone can suggest the best one to get or what helped them the most. Also is there any difference between the HESI and the HESI A2?
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  3. by   MsPebbles
    I don't know what your school's HESI test consists of, but mine had Vocab, Grammar, A&P, Reading Comp, and Math. I purchased the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review book (3rd Edition) for about $40 and found it to be incredibly helpful for all sections except A&P. The A&P section in the book was just not thorough enough for me, but I found my old class notes helped a lot. I passed the test with a 93% overall.

    I think the "A2" means "Admission Assessment," which is probably used to differentiate between the HESI entrance and HESI exit exams. I could be wrong, though.
  4. by   Jennifer Sapp
    Thanks for the advice!
  5. by   oceanise
    For A&P, I recommend the book Barron's E-Z Anatomy and Physiology. This is what I studied from and it was very helpful. Good luck!
  6. by   doxielover304
    I used the Hesi Admissions Assessment 3rd Edition.... it was pretty helpful besides in the Vocabulary section. There were only a small portion of the words in the study guide that were on the exam.