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  1. Hi, today I took the HESI fundamentals exit exam. much to our surprise the exam was 50 questions pulled directly from the HESI case studies fundamentals practice exam which consisted of 82 question. same exact questions, same exact answers. I knew that practice exam well and ended up getting a 48/50.

    I take the HESI health assessment exam on thursday and am terrified! I need over a 90% on it to pass the class. I've been doing the HESI case studies practice exam and know those answers but i'm not sure thats where they are going to come from this time. I've heard things about there being pictures and fill in the blank on health assessment HESI and the practice exam didn't have anything but multiple choice.

    I also am confused by people who say their scores were, for example, 850.. our exam didn't score us that way they just gave us a _/50 score.

    I am wondering if anyone else has had this same experience or has recently taken the 2017 HESI health assessment exit exam.

    THANK YOU!!!!
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  3. by   niataylor
    Was the assessment exam the same too (pulled from the practice exam)?