HESI A2 for both FIU and BC?

  1. I am applying to both FIU and Broward College for nursing. I have to take the HESI A2 pre-entrance exam for both schools and they both require for the same topics in the test math,reading etc.. However, if i take the test in Broward College do i have to take it again at FIU?

    Thanks in Advance
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  3. by   Jewels732
    I'm in the same boat.

    If I had to guess, we can just take it at one place and send the scores to the other college(s).

    I'm planning on taking it next month at FIU and sending the scores to BC and MDC as well (hope to get into FIU, but sending it to the other colleges JUST in case).

    If you ever find out for sure, let me (us) know!
  4. by   leandrito
    hey friends... welcome to the boat.. lol i am in the same plane and i want to take it next month or maybe january... .The HESI A2 is not accept it at mdc.. so be aware of that.. also i called fiu today and they dont get the phone.. i want to know the areas that are gonna be cover in the test.. Please if any of you know let me know.. .. i really want to get into fiu..
  5. by   Jewels732
    Oh yeah! I forgot MDC takes the TEAS. Ugh...another exam to take :P

    About FIU right now: last week, I went, paid for the HESI exam, and was on my way to reserve my seat. The Assistant Director then had me sit down and was explaining that there's some confusion between FIU and the HESI people about not having the updated version of the HESI exam or something to that effect.

    He said they couldn't save me a save till this is all resolved. So, he said to continue calling to try to find out when they can reserve me the seat (with my already paid receipt).

    So, if you get to talk to them, they'll probably tell you about it.

    If they fixed everything and everything's ready to go, let me know so I can go!!!!!

    Also, I spoke with an academic counselor at the Modesto campus about 2 weeks ago. I can't say for sure, so don't take my word on it, but he made it sound like they test you on everything in the HESI, but just your math and reading scores count as far as FIU's concerned. If you find out definitively, let me know about that as well!!!!
  6. by   leandrito
    daughterofeve084 i just called fiu and they told me the same thing... they lady said that nusing school does not want the testing department to take the test yet until they release the new test version.she said that you we should call by the middle of december to see whats the final answer or if not we should wait until january. the areas that are covered in the test are math,reading,vocabulary,grammar,chemistry,anatomy and physiology and learning and professional life or something like that ...
  7. by   Jewels732
    the problem is, I'm planning on taking the COM and NUR pre-req at FIU in the spring. I want to take the HESI on Dec. 12th. That way, I don't throw away over $2000 on classes if I don't pass the HESI. So I can't "wait till January." This is really ridiculous from FIU. So, they want us to call mid-December, but in the mean-time, they got my $50 to take the test? Nice......... Why are they letting people pay for the test, if they're just going to say "oh, there's a problem. Try back in a month." I really hope they figure this out (SOON)
  8. by   leandrito
    I hope so too 'cus i am taking 5 classes during spring and i want to take those COM AND NUR online during summer A. so we will have to wait
  9. by   Jewels732
    yeah, that's what I hope to do. Take the COM and NUR online, but during the spring. But, of course, I want to know that I passed the HESI before I cough up all the money (since online classes are more $). *Sigh*......... we shall just have to wait =)
  10. by   leandrito
    yeah i am in the same situation... i hope to do that test and if you take it let me know how was it... !!!! good luck... i was planning to take those classes online during spring but then is going to be too much... so if you take them please if you dont mind to keep all the material of the class and then send it to by email or another way.. it would be very nice
  11. by   Jewels732
    I thought about not taking them, but I'd rather just get it over with and have the entire summer off. So....... I'll be taking 21 credits at Miami Dade and those 6 credits for the online FIU classes during the spring. Let's see how it goes! and sure thing, I'll try =)
  12. by   leandrito
    omg dont you think thats a lot?... i personally think that in my case i couldnt do it.. way too much plus work and all the material that you have to study.. way to much lol.. anyways if you are committed to.. why not right.. give it a try and i know that you will do great. good luck and keep in touch.. send me a private message in case you need something for a class that you might be taking soon.. such as anatomy or any
  13. by   Jewels732
    Thanks a lot, will def keep that in mind
    It is a lot, but I don't work and don't have family to take care of. School is all I have to focus on.
    Plus, some of the classes shouldn't be too bad. I'm going to take ENC1102 with the same prof I had for ENC1101 (easiest thing in the world). I'm also taking sociology, human growth and development, and theatre (all of them are good profs according to rate my professor). Then, I'm taking Anatomy 2 (awesome prof for lecture/lab professor seems ok). Finally taking Microbiology (great lab prof/not sure about the lecture prof).
    So, at MDC, anatomy lab and micro lecture SHOULD be my only HARD classes. Then, the counselor at FIU told me the COM class is a joke. Last, the NUR class - I'm not sure.
    But, Jesus is my Strengeth, and I'll let you know how it goes X]
  14. by   leandrito
    well now you r talking.. lol you dont work so thats is easier for you... i have to work... because i need to help my mom.. but i am doing great in classes... i am happy for you and now i feel better since you said that classes at fiu were easier keep in touch