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I am applying to both FIU and Broward College for nursing. I have to take the HESI A2 pre-entrance exam for both schools and they both require for the same topics in the test math,reading etc..... Read More

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    DaughterofEve084 hello my lovely friend.. i am so happy for you remember to explain to us everythiing lol... hwo the test looks like and if you recommend us to study by the hesi book.. wish the best luck and keep me posted with the online class
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    Quote from DaughterofEve084
    Hello, everyone. It's been a while. Just thought I'd let you know that I will most likely be taking the HESI in the next 2 weeks. Looks like everything has been cleared up.

    Also, I'm registered to start FIU's online NUR3119 class tomorrow. Let's see how it goes.

    Also, I'm trying to enroll in COM3461, but I need a permission number for the class, and I'm waiting for someone to email me back with the number.
    Hey my friend how did the HESI A2 go?... please let me know how was it
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    hello! =d

    i promise, i was going to post over the weekend about it. you beat me to it

    so, i took it on monday……………………….. and passed!

    i was so happy..............

    sooooo..... the test was made up of chem, grammar, vocab, reading, math, anatomy and phys. and two personality tests (you won't take the biology section). after you finish each section, you tell the proctor and she’ll tell you how much time you have for the next section.

    first thing's first...... buy the book!!!!!!!!

    at least at fiu, where they only look at your math and reading comp. scores, it told you everything you need to know. there was no math concept on the exam that i didn't see at least once in the book (whether it was ratios, adding/subtracting fractions, military time, percentages, rounding, reducing fractions, and whatnot). btw, know that to convert lbs. to kg is to multiply the number of pounds by 2.2!

    so, i got there, and the lady gave me the option of doing reading or math first. i chose math. after that did reading. then moved onto the other sections (which don't really matter for fiu so i took like 15 min. for each section).

    though most of the math questions were multiple choice, there were a few where i had to enter the answer. for these, be careful to read the directions. at least in mine, if i had to enter a percentage, it said to only enter the numeric value, not any signs (don't want a correct answer marked wrong because you put something extra!). if i recall correctly, they gave like an hour and 15 min. for the math section. i tried to double check all by problems (unless they were extremely easy) and finished 10 minutes before time was up.

    i took chem a year ago and honestly don't remember much - so for sections like that, if i knew the answer, i knew it. if i didn't know it, i just quickly picked an answer and moved on. same with anatomy and physiology (i knew more of those because i’m taking anat. 2 right now). but if i didn’t know it, i just chose and answer and moved one).

    one thing that i didn't like about the test was the calculator they let you use. they'll tell you when you take it where to press for it. but the thing is, it was sometimes difficult to click on the buttons. sometimes, i would press a number, but it wouldn't show up on the calculator. so definitely keep your eye on the calculator while using it (make sure what you clicked actually showed up).

    they give you scrap paper and pencils (and the calculator on the computer).

    for the reading: i always score well in reading. so i don’t want to make it sounds super easy and it turns out it’s just because that’s my strength. but, it did seem like, if you read the section carefully, you’ll do just fine!

    you get the results as soon as you’re done with all the sections!
    honestly, i can’t think of much more to say than that! if i think of anything else, i’ll post it. also, if you have a specific question, i can see if i can answer =)

    also, maybe over the weekend, i’ll talk about the com and nur class =)