HESI A2 exam 2018

  1. Hey guys just wanted to post my experience with taking the HESI A2 this year. I know there are tons of threads floating around already but I figured I can add my experience as well. So to start of, I took the HESI twice. My first attempt was Dec 30th 2017 and I did not finish in time, therefore, my scores did not count and I had to complete the exam all over again. My college (New Mexico State university) don't accept incomplete exams but other colleges may differ so be sure to check with the SON to see what their requirements are for incomplete test. For NMSU, the requirements are as followed:

    Reading comp
    Critical thinking
    Anatomy and physiology (required but not calculated in the overall score)
    Learning style (not required, but listed)
    Personality (not required, but listed)



    2. Study at least for 30 days or more, it's best to refresh your mind on the subject areas so that you are well informed about what to expect on the exam.

    3. Get the English sections done first, because your brain will slow down after reading so much material.

    4. Break down the sections with timing, even though 4 hours seem long enough, it goes really fast when you have to cover so many sections.

    5. Study alot but don't stress yourself. The anticipation of taking the exam, by itself, can cause anxiety, but it's not that bad. REALLY, it's not. I've read reviews over and over about not stressing over it, but trust me I know how hard it is not to stress since your acceptance rides on the HESI exam.

    6. The night before the test, get plenty on sleep and wake up with a good meal. The last thing you want to do it be tired and hungry while testing.

    7. Some people recommend not to study the day of or the day before the exam, but my advice is do what you feel is best. Now, that don't mean cram all of your studying in the night before because that surely will not help.

    8. For the math section, memorize the conversions table and then write them down as soon as you sit down for the exam, that way you don't have to waste time trying to remember the chart while working through the problems. Also, if you get confused with solving fractions, just change them to decimals and solve the problem then convert the answer back to a fraction.

    The material that I used to study was the Elsevier HESI admissions assessment 4th edition, Pocket Prep (app in Google play store), quizlet, and random Google searched hesi practice exams. I must be honest, some of the material on the exam will be super easy and some questions will be stuff that's not really covered in the books and app, but for the most part the material that's covered in the studying guides will be on the test and will prepare you for the exam. The first time I took the HESI, it was much more challenging compared to the second one. I guess it's just the luck of the draw from the word bank of questions and also knowing what to expect.

    Well I hope this help someone out, if you have any questions, post them below.

    PS. I will not disclose what's on the exam so please do not ask me what specific questions are on the exam. I will not risk my schooling, hope you understand.
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  3. by   CN101
    What were your scores? Did you think the pocket prep app helped you enough?
  4. by   Wagner89
    My scores were as followed:

    Reading comp 86%

    Vocabulary 92%

    Grammar 84%

    Critical thinking 870/1000

    Math 90%

    Biology 80%

    Chemistry 76%

    Anatomy and physiology 72% (this section is required to be taken, but not calculated in my overall score. They want to see how fluent we are in A&P)

    Overall cumulative is 85% without A&P

    I would say that the pocket prep app helped me tremendously. I mainly used that as a studying tool. I read the book once, but I mainly learned through pocket prep. It have all of the sections that is needed on the HESI. It even have physics but I didn't need it. The app allows you to customize the sections and flag questions that you would like to focus on more. It even provide an explanation of the correct and incorrect answers that you choose. In my opinion, it's helpful and totally worth the 12 or 14 bucks.
  5. by   Futurenursejason
    Great post! I took the HESI test on Monday as well. I was going to post something like this..but you covered it all! I would like to add some under this post if you don't mind.

    My school requires Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy/Physiology.

    My little advice would be take the subject that you are good at very at the beginning. That will give you some time to get used to the computer and the test format.

    Also, take a pair of earplugs..especially when other people use the built-in calculator for math questions, that could be disturbing..big time. (I asked the proctor if it is okay to use it..)

    Built-in calculator is "okay"..but it's not as responsive as I excepted. If you click numbers too fast, the calculator won't input the numbers correctly. For example, if you have a number 4567, click 4 and wait a half second..then click 5 and so on..otherwise..the number that you put in would be quite different..

    If I can think of more tips, I will add some more later on!
  6. by   Wagner89
    Thanks for your tips (which are very good by the way). I agree, the clicking of other people mouse can be distracting in that quiet room. The testing center I went to provided headphones, so that was a plus. Also, i agree about inputting the numbers into the calculator slowly. I almost messed up on a few problems because the numbers were not getting entered all of the way.
  7. by   Brittanyfuturenurse
    I know this is random, but do you remember if the math portion calculator had a decimal point?
  8. by   Wagner89
    Yes I believe it does.
  9. by   Brittanyfuturenurse
  10. by   Futurenursejason
    Oh! Regarding Math section..I thought everything was a multiple choice question, but there were some questions that you have to input numbers "manually."
    I strongly suggest you to master "rounding-up/rounding-down" For example, if the calculator gives you the answer 15.3353, then the question will ask you to round to the nearest hundredth place..so answer you have to type in should be 15.34.
  11. by   Futurenursejason
    Anatomy and Physiology: I used the Elvesier book, YouTube videos (AnatomyGMC and Crashcourse), and PowerPoints from my school. Elvesier book is definitely not enough to cover HESI exam (in my opinion).

    AnatomyGMC videos are quite long..I watched it every time when I am free from work. FYI, blood and Lymphatic system videos are missing. Crashcourse..there are 47 Crashcourse videos..I started watching it 3 days before..16 videos per day. (I had a doubt about CrashCourse, but it was really helpful!)

    PowerPoints from my lecture..I didn't go through everything in detail..rather, I skimmed through it. I tried to focus on the big concept such as function of each system and what each organ does.