Hesi A2 - Chemistry guide? Help finding one

  1. I could really use some guidance as to what to focus on for the A2. The program I'm applying to has it in their head that student's A2 chemistry results are a direct correlation to their ability to succeed in the ADN program.

    I bought the stupid study guide from evolve which is next to worthless. What I'm looking for is anyone who has taken a A2 that had a chemistry section on it, from what I gather not many ppl who post here about it have to take a chem section.

    I took a foundations of chem and GOB chem 2 years ago before I started the LPN program I just graduated from, and I just need a good refresher before I take the A2 in mid july.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks for reading!
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  3. by   Thunda
    well, suppose I'll answer my own question. All I could really find that was comprehensive, coherent and ... easy was

    Chemistry | Khan Academy
  4. by   FruitChicken
    I just sold mine -- but it was a good book.


    It has ALL the sections, including bio/physics/chem.

    My career the past 5 years has been a high school chemistry teacher, so let me know if I can help you. I am great at explaining things.