failed my hesi a2 very discouraged

  1. Today I took my hesi a2 and the topics covered were math, reading, vocab, and grammar. I did well on math scored a 90 vocab 86, reading 80, but my problem was GRAMMAR... Received a 68. Any advice or study tips on grammar? Feeling very discouraged
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  3. by   SapphireKitten
    Congratulations on your other scores! Those are awesome.

    As for grammar, I suggest buying the official HESI A2 study book written by Elsevier, if you haven't already. They're the company that makes the HESI, so it refreshes and re teaches all of the possible topics that could be on the HESI! I've found it to be an amazing study set. Review the grammar section's "rules" well, and then take the grammar practice test in the book. For extra practice, trying googling grammar practice on whichever topic you're having trouble with.
  4. by   Dweiker
    I studied the book and even purchased the hesi a2 pocket prep, I scored high on the app. I think I thought the test would ask about subject verb agreement so that is what I focused on the most, and was caught off guard when asked "what part of the sentence is not grammatically correct." I will definitely google practice test, I think that is a great idea. Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions, I felt so defeated yesterday.
  5. by   skvuong
    For my HESI test, my worst score was also Grammar. I was so caught off guard because I thought it would be like PocketPrep, which I did well with. I got an 84 the first time. I wanted to study for this section, but I just didn't really know how to so I ended up just reading the HESI book again and took practice test online (which was how I studied for it the first time). However, when I retook the test, the grammar was super easy to me and I bought my score up to a 92. I am not sure if I was overthinking the questions and answers the first time or if the questions were easier. Try not to overthink! Also, although it is formatted differently from pocketprep, the questions in the exam are still asking subject-verb agreement. Its just not directly asking it. The second time when I took the test, when it says "pick the wrong word" or whats wrong with the sentence, I would look to see if the words matched subject verb agreement.
  6. by   Dweiker
    Thank you so much for replying. That's exactly how I felt, I was very caught off guard thinking it would be like pocket prep, I did not know what they were asking do thank you for telling me its the subject-verb agreement. I really do appreciate your reply, I feel so much better.