CTC Killeen Hesi A2

  1. Hello everyone, I am a perspective RN applicant for Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas. I want to thank everyone for the posts that are out there. I am taking my Hesi A2 on the 17th of July. I'm still a bit nervous, but the advise and tips everyone has included have helped so much. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
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  3. by   Bonzie
    Good luck!... Please keep us posted on how you did!!!
  4. by   JaeMPH
    I can't wait to hear how it goes. Give us all the details. We are rooting for you.
  5. by   aclubb
    Thank you both so much. Clearly I was SO incredibly worried, but here is the rundown for my school (CTC Killeen, TX). We only had to take and pass (80% or better) the Math, Reading Comp, and Vocab. The A&P wasn't scored for the RN program application.
    As with every ones advice on the website, I took my hardest subject (math) first. The majority of it: fractions, ratios, 2 questions regarding military time and about 4 questions regarding conversions. I got a 94. I was shocked.
    Next was reading comp. It was 55 questions, and I got an 80. I could have done better, but I was so tired (from the anxiety) after the math that I tried to focus but it was tough. Finally, the vocabulary. If you study the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review, you have everything you need, and I earned a 92.
    Having said that, I got a 52 on the A&P. That was out of sheer luck because I never even cracked that section of the book.
    Thanks to everyone on the website for the advise and study tips. They were awesome. I am hoping this will help with my admissions application to the RN program for 2018.
  6. by   cowboys15
    Hello aclubb, How many times can you take the test at ctc? How much was it? Are the vocabulary just like the book? I took my hesi in fail come to find out i had only 10 word that were in the hesi admission assessment edition 3. Can you tell me were there any word problems on the math part, because i had so many on the tc test. Thanks and sorry for all the question. BTW ARE YOU STUDYING FROM THE 4TH EDTION OR 3RD