Block 1 exit Hesi

  1. Any advice? I've studied my notes, gone through Fundamentals Success book as well as two other study books as well as the 75 HESI fundamental questions on the Evolve website. Should this be good?

    I've got my normal common lab values, normal electrolytes, ABGs, common meds, and even those obscure med math conversions.

    Was there anything that threw you for a loop and made you think, "CRAP! I wish I would have looked more closely at that!"?
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  3. by   Jill2Shay
    BOOYA! 94.1%
  4. by   2bNurseMustang
  5. by   tshae
    Are you in one of the Maricopa programs? I go to SCC and take my HESI on monday. Its 55 questions but they scale it down to 30 points. I'm nervous because they didn't tell us really how to prepare other than saying that it would be based on everything we covered. I've gone through all my notes and did the practice questions on the website. Would you recommend anything specific to go over. What were some of the more difficult questions on?
  6. by   XiomaraH
    i take mine on soon and I am with maricopa college at phoenix college.
    Any advice?
  7. by   RNstuMCC
    What were the basics of this test? our teachers have literally given us ZERO information on it. I have no idea what to study
  8. by   bcrawLPN
    I would also love to have some more info on what to expect from this test!