A&P advice needed

  1. I recently just took my hesi and did pretty well on all sections I was needing (math, grammar, vocabulary, reading... except A&P.) I am looking to retake the test to bring my score up. What apps, videos, study guides did you all use to prepare you for the test? Thanks!
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  3. by   Futurenursejason
    This is just my personal opinion. For me, I started watching Crashcourse (I had a doubt before I watched it, but it was really helpful) 3 days before the test. There are 47 videos and I watched 16 episodes per day. Also, there is a professor teaching anatomy and biology on YouTube..I think the channel is called "AnatomyGMC" It's really really helpful. (But I believe Blood and Lymphatic system videos are missing..FYI)
  4. by   Jdinh1992
    I just recently retook my HESI, first time in A&P I scored a 76 and 2nd time I scored 100.
    The questions I remember were like this:
    "A doctor is worried that 13yr old xxx's injury in his arm will interfere with bone growth, where is the injury located?"
    "Aqueous humor is fluid in which body part?
    "The Xxx muscle is part of which muscle group?"
    "The mitral valve is located where?"
    "Blood returns from the lungs to the heart from where?"
    "A patient has xxx injury and the doctor gives him crutches, what is his injury?"
    "The nerves are located in what layer of skin?"
    "A facial injury that requires nose surgery (or something like that) likely damaged what bone?"
    "The elbow (or wrist, hip, etc) is what type of joiny?"
    "The posterior pituitary releases what hormone?"
    "Checking the pulse at xxx location is using what vein?'

    I would know basic muscle groups, joints, heart anatomy, skin, bone structures, veins and arteries and hormones, and if you've already taken A&P I and II then go over your notes
  5. by   Bellav
    I wish I would of gotten this sooner!!! I took my test before this reply and similar questions were on it! Thanks though! I ended up doing pretty decent.d