HESI entrance exam - How long does it take to prepare

U.S.A. New Jersey


Hello, I am looking to take the HESI entrance exam in order to get into a BSN program in NJ. Can anyone tell me approximately how long it takes to study for this exam in order to get a really high score? I am trying to figure out how many hours or days i will need to prepare.

Please let me know if you can help???



Can someone please help me answer this?

I would say it all depends on you. What will your test consist of Math, Reading Comprehension and Science. What is your strong and weak points. Me personally my test only consisted of Math and Reading Comprehension. I'm pretty confortable with reading comprehension so I didn't study that at all. Math on the other hand I just needed a refresher I studied about an hour every couple of days. So depending it could be you may need to study an hour or 2 every day or more. Also I would say time management because you only get 1.5hrs per section I believe.

Hope this helps. :)

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