HESI A2 without having finished the A&P sequence?

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Hey guys. I'm a new member here :) I'm taking the HESI A2 next Friday (Nov. 19th), but I'm a little worried about it because I haven't finished A&P. I'm taking the exam next week because I'm applying for Fall 2011 admission to two BSN programs I will be eligible for.

I'm currently enrolled in A&P 1 and I'll be taking A&P 2 next semester. I know there's loads of help threads out there regarding the HESI A2, but I was specifically wondering if any of you had suggestions for someone like me who hasn't finished A&P yet? I'd really appreciate it! :)

We've already covered basic cell biology, tissues, the integumentary system, the skeletal system, and nervous system anatomy. We're going over neurophysiology right now and have yet to cover muscles before ending A&P 1.

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