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Taking the HESI in November. Last final step before I can submit my application. Have all the other admission requirements handled. So once I take the HESI I can finally submit my application, whew!! Has anyone had any major issues passing the HESI? I've heard on one hand it's easy and a piece of cake, then I hear people having some difficulties... I've gotten the 2 major study guides.

I used the HESIA2 evolve study guide. Just take ur time to understand every detail in the study guide. The study guide was very helpful to me. And yes people do fail. I know of someone who took it 3 times. Not to scare u. Take ur time and don't rush, read questions carefully and u can do it. Study the vocabs on study guide. I scored 89.24%. Math 98,reading 86.69, grammar 94 , vocab 78. U have enough time to study. U can do it. Good luck.

I found the test to be very easy, even being away from any type of math class or English class for a very long time. I'm kind of kicking myself for not taking it sooner. There are some math conversions that aren't in the Evolve study guide (or at least my version) like cm per inch and pounds per kilogram.... both I had to look up because of the practice questions, but it was otherwise a very good picture of what the actual exam was.

I used the Evolve study guide, and found it to be simple to follow and learn from. I did the practice tests in that book, as well as the sample problems. Then, I used other test study guides that I had purchased months ago, as well as every free practice test I could find on line. I did everything twice (finding that any more than that, I memorised the correct answer) until I felt like I had exhausted all resources. I went and took the test before I could forget anything!

I got an overall average score in the 90's, with some 80s in the grammar/vocab section (I can't find my test to see actual scores). It was not bad at all. I think you'll do fine if you just practice. Good luck!!