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Hello Everyone,

I just took the Hesi A2 and did great on the vocab and the reading and not so great on the math. Actually, I didn't expect to do that great in that section so I'm re-taking the exam. Has anyone either used, or known someone who has used the mometrix media hesi a2 secrets study guide and performed better on their test from using that in addition to the recommended study guide? I have massive test anxiety and sometimes something that gives me some test taking strategies helps me out. Plus, it seems like it may have a good layout as another option for the material.

Let me know, Thank you!


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Check out this post from someone else here on allnurses who has used the Mometrix materials:

HESI A2 Study Guide by Mometrix Media LLC - Nursing for Nurses

Might help you decide.

"I posted this earlier in the student section, but I think it would make more sense here. I took the HESI for the first time today. I was a little nervous since many others that I know failed their first time taking it.

I scored a 95.33% overall!!! I am so excited that I can now relax and spend some time with my family and friends.

In case, anyone is curious I used the blue and yellow book(I think it was mosby evolve), and the Mometrix (something like that) study guides. The Mometrix I got from a link on here, the other I got from our college bookstore. I studied for about 5 days. It certainly helped that I just had bio and chem last semester.

I hope that this can help! : )"


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Thank you Jason this helps a lot! If you have any other recommendations please let me know! :)


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Hi jason, I am taking the Hesi exam on Sat and i was wondering did you have to take the a and p section, and do you mind sharing what was on the a and p part and vocab part.....


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Hello Everyone,

I am scheduled to take the Hesi very soon. Can someone please tell me where I can get a download of the Hesi A2 Study Guide by Mometrix Media LLC? I thought I could purchase a copy at Barnes and Noble, no such luck. Time is of the essence. Any other helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again,



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Don't buy from barnes and noble their gonna rip you off. Buy them at http://www.bonanza.com/ and they ship out like lightning.Recieved it in 2 days,she lives right over the post office.

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