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After months of researching information on what may be on this test, I was unsuccessful in finding any reliable sources. Information varied from, "extremely difficult, I failed it 5 times" to "No studying needed, just take it". I decided to just take it and if I failed then at least I knew what material it would go over and how to study.

My school only requires math, english, and A&P. The English sections are 3 sub-sections compiled, which are grammar, reading, and vocabulary. The test is actually very simple, basic math such as pre-algebra, simple division/addition/subtraction, most of the questions were proportions, which is actually basic multiplication and division. The vocab wasn't that bad, there were a few words I had no clue existed but if you read out the sentence and outcome usually not that difficult to decipher. The reading is simple; read the passage, go to the question, go back to passage and find the answer. The grammar was a little difficult, in this day who uses proper grammar anyway?

I did buy the HESI escavalier book and read the material once to review. Some of the practice questions on the exam are in the book. Quizlet and nursehub practice questions are very similar to what is on the test. If you are taking a practice exam that seems difficult, don't take it. The simpler ones seem to be more accurate to the actual exam.


Anyway, I hope this helps.

Happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Thank you. I was so nervous to take it and just did a practice exam and made a 86. I would like to see a 90 or greater so will continue to take practice exams. this information was helpful. Do you have specific sites that are accurate to the level of difficulty? I would like to take more before my test on Saturday.

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Yes, I used nursehub: https://www.hesia2practicetest.com/ I found these tests were pretty accurate to the level of difficulty, also some of the questions were almost word for word on the exam.

For quizlet I just put in Google my college, HESI A2, then quizlet- the results from that are pretty similar. Example below.




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Hi, do you have any link or ressources for the HESI A2 version 2. I heard the second version is harder than the first one???