Henry Ford Best Choice Program

U.S.A. Michigan


Does anyone here work for the Henry Ford Best Choice program. Trying to learn more info about it....pay per hour? how many hours are required per month? are weekends or holidays required? how do u like it? any info at all would be helpful.


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hI I work for best choice... once you get the job you can pick if you would like to go between 2 hospitals or 4 - Im not sure the exacts of how much you get paid - but you do get paid higher if you choose to go between 4 hospitals - I work midnights between 2 hospitals and they pay me $42 and hour - then you have to choose between 2 hoard to fill days a year - you can switch them each year too - I picked opening day and NFL playoffs ( i think) - you have to choose at least 24 hours a month - so you can pick 8 hour or 12 hour shifts - hope this helps

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