HELP! Where can I have my ACLS training in Hawaii?


Hi there Im searching online to find where I can have ACLS training but I couldn't find one. Can somebody tell me where to get it. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks


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Generally speaking, your facility should provide resources for ACLS certification to you. If that is not possible you can check with Pam West to arrange a class. Pam West, RN

98-1565 Hoomaike StPearl City, HI


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thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. I will check it out. I just passed my NCLEX-RN and im planing to get some training so I can have some edge in my resume.


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I've heard this "resume edge" rationale plenty times before...

Not sure it works. I work on a floor where ACLS is required... but we let our new grads work 6-18 months before enrolling them. I guess we just feel that A) There are more important things to learn, and B) You'll get more out of the class after watching the tele monitor for months on end.

It definitely can't hurt though. I just don't know if its worth it.

Good luck!

PS: I tell our newbies that ACLS is too dangerous for them to learn right away because they'll probably shock my patient while he's brushing his teeth. =P~


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I see... thanks for the advice. I had OR experience for 3 years but outside US. and Im just thinking of getting a job here. I check online, they all require ACLS. Mine is expired 2 years ago...