HELP! - What courses to take ?


Hello I've been reading the threads on this forum for a while now and I really appreciate what all of you have been doing for this forum.. I just joined to ask a question that I have.

I'm a sophomore in my college, and I'd like to be a CRNA one day.

I've taken all the prerequisites for nursing (actual nursing courses start in junior year in my school), and I'm taking Organic Chemistry I now. I'm getting A in the class, but I'm wondering if I should take Orgo 2 or am I just wasting my time? I heard somebody say that organic chem in CRNA school is very specific and taking orgo in college is pretty much useless.

Also, I was planning to be a psychology major so I've taken 5 psychology classes (summer courses). I need only 4-5 more psycholoy classes to major in it. I like psychology very much, but I often see it is not considered pure science by many people. I'd like to know what courses will prepare me the most for CRNA school. Is pursuing double degree in nursing + Psychology worth the money and time? (I'll have to take some summer courses I think)

or are other courses more helpful? (Bio, chem, etc.)

Ok i'm very sorry for such a lousy thread. Let me rephrase the questions.

1. Organic chem - helpful? should i take orgo 2?

2. What courses will prepare me the most for CRNA school?

3. double degree in psychology? or other courses more helpful and psych doesn't help? I don't want to pursue double degree in psychology if CRNA schools do not find it impressive.

I like psychology the most, but I love biology and other sciences as well. And I understand I should take what I like but my top priority right now is get into CRNA school. so Psych + Nursing or Nursing and more helpful electives?

Thank you very much in advance!

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